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Formed in 2006, BUILDINGS is a (insert label) three piece from Minneapolis. Their music is loud, aggressive, and dynamic. Melt Cry Sleep is the band’s 2nd full-length, and the follow up to 2008’s self-released Braille Animal (recently reissued on doubleplusgood). Engineer, Jacques Wait (Off With Their Heads, Motion City Soundtrack) has perfectly reined in the band’s furious energy, allowing the 10 tightly wound tracks on Melt Cry Sleep room to breathe in contrast to their raw & visceral live sets.
One might think from the blistering opener “Rainboat” that it’s all loud, fast rules, but BUILDINGS is deceptive in their songwriting. Often switching gears several times within a song, as evidenced on tracks “Born on a Bomb” and “Invocation”. New bassist Sayer Payne’s driving bass lines and Travis Kuhlman’s frantic drumming work in tandem to steer through the chaos on songs like “I Don’t Love My Dog Anymore” and “Night Cop. Combined with Brian Lake’s snarling vocals and eerie, atonal guitar on songs like “Wrong Cock” and the madness of closer, “Crystal City”, BUILDINGS never end where they began.
Melt Cry Sleep will be available on CD & digitally through doubleplusgood records, with the LP version mastered by Bob Weston released via Cash Cow Productions. The band will be touring the US in the spring & summer & Europe in the fall of 2012.

In April 2012, bass player Sayer Payne left the band with Ryan Harding joining the fray.


Stream the entire album


Thurs Jan 10th


Milwaukee, WI

w/ Absolutely, Bicentennial Rub

Fri Jan 11th


Grand Rapids, MI

w/ Jowls, Between Brains, Charles the Osprey

Sat Jan 12th

Swerp Mansion

Chicago, IL

w/ Droughts

Thurs Jan 17th

Triple Rock

Minneapolis, MN

w/ Blackthorne, Sküll Wizard, Sonice J
8pm 18+ $6


Minneapolis, MN
w/ Self-Evident, Nonagon

9pm ID $5

Sat Feb 16th

Hell's Kitchen
Minneapolis, MN

w/ TBA



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Melt Cry Sleep
(Winter 2012)
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Braille Animal (2006, reissued 2008)
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