Pop For Charity: Sound Progression compilation

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This compilation was put together by dpg to benefit the now defunt Minneapolis non-profit, Pop For Charity. Each quarter Pop For Charity selected a local charity and put together shows featuring local artists and then donated the proceeds to that particular charity. I thought their message and the music on the label could mutually benefit by putting together this compilation with the proceeds going to their charity efforts and the bands on my label could gain more exposure. It also allowed me to hand pick a number of artists, local and national, not on the label that I was a fan of and have more people hear these great bands. Think of it as a personal mix tape encompassing all of my favorite styles of music. Many of the bands are no longer, yet many of them have gone on to achieve great success, since it's release in the spring of 2002.




dpg 004
"Pop For Charity: Sound Progression" 2002
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