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Working Title: Happy (foolishness ver. II)
File under: rock (or file under a rock if you wish)



I. Humans and History

A. Andrew Johnson vox/guitar

1.) H. Chinaski (vox/guitar)

2.) Congratulations on Your Decision to Become a Pilot (guitar)

B. Kyle Stravler bass

1.) Decembers January (guitar)

C. Tim Snow (skins)

1.) Hong! (skins)

2.) Casper Milk Toast (guitar/vox)


II. Defense Theory

A. Dissonance vs. Pop manipulation

1.) vacuum tube technology

a.) volume
b.) Mickey Baker’s Jazz Guitar Vol. #1

2.) can he sing?

a.) maybe
b.) probably not

III. The Evidence

A. Sincerely, Without, Wax

1.) 13 song album out on DoublePlusGoodRecords

B. Anything is Better ( The Regretful Purchase )

1.) 9 song ep, outtakes and live shyte

a.) download it free @ happyisrock.com

b.) Vitreous Humor, Macy Gray and Noisy Neighbor covers

C. three US tours and counting

IV. The Influence, random at best

A. The Now

1.) The Poles

2.) Self-Evident

3.) Southerly

4.) Mastadon

5.) The Life and Times

B. The Past

1.) The Regrets

2.) Shellac

3.) Faraquet

4.) Archers of Loaf

5.) Shiner

C. The Paster

1.) King Crimson

2.) Nick Drake

3.) Stiff Little Fingers

4.) Anything Lennon or Harrison

5.) Thelonious Monk

V. Time and Location

A. 4 years and counting
B. Oshkosh Wisconsin

VI. Reasons to get up early
(or at least just to get up)

A. Split vinyl 7” due out winter 06’

1.) with the Catastrophe

a.) Grand champions of “My wall of sound is bigger than yours”

B. New full length album due out spring 06’

1.) harder, louder, faster

a.) I think Tim owns that movie

2.) Fall tour

a.) select dates with Self-Evident

b.) select dates with The Willis

VII. Thank You

A. happyisrock.com
B. Email contact: andrew@happyisrock.com





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