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Andrew Johnson (H.Chinaski) joins forces with Kyle Straveler (December’s January) and Tim Snow (Hong, Casper Milk Toast). A tight trio that makes music that both rocks and has the complexity that demands repeat listens. Tim split about a year ago and the search for a new drummer was on until Feb 2007, when Steve McCabe (The Willis, Attack Octopus) joined the band.

Chad Lorge (ex-h.Chinaski) has taken a full-time roll as drummer in 2009. The band released the 5 song, EP1, in 2010, which has since gone out of print, but is available digitally on iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, and all other digital music sites. The band is currently on temporary break, but have started playing out together with Eric Van Theil (ex-Willis) joining them in their new venture, Haunted Heads, which is releasing it's first full-length with doubleplusgood records in December 2010.




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The Completed Death of Happy (2007)

Speak, Bleed, Dream


Behind Division Bars



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EP1 of 2010
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The Completed Death of 2007
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Sincerely, Without Wax 2004
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