Haunted Heads


Kyle Straveler-bass
Eric Van Thiel-guitar/vocals
Chad Lorge-drums
Andrew Johnson-guitar/vocals

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dpg 020 "Haunted Heads"

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Haunted Heads - "36 Sharpened Saws" Music Video from Northern Outpost on Vimeo.

Releasing their self-titled debut in December 2011, Wisconsin's Haunted Heads bring an undeniable energy, minimalist approach, and definitive presence to their new release. Recording strictly to a finicky as hell, ghost ridden MCI eight-track machine, the four piece rock outfit falls back on a no frills, raw energy approach in the best manner possible.

Fronted by both Andrew Johnson (Happy, H. Chinaski) and Eric Van Thiel (The Willis, Drop Dead Giants), the pair provide relentless harmonies, hooks, and guitar laden melodies. Johnson and Van Thiel are joined by the former Happy rhythm section, Kyle Straveler (Bass) and Chad Lorge (Drums) creating a straightforward tirade of tight driving rhythms and growling lines.

The results are raw--but incredibly dialed in, and intimidatingly honest. There is a strong, pop sensibility in each song arrangement paired with the constant driving thought, if we can't do it live, don't do it in the studio. This forthright approach to recording and gigging is refreshing in a time of super computer perfections, almost striving for the all too audibly predictable end result, dull, overly compressed, plastic pop shit.

The Haunted Heads LP (dpg 020), an upcoming release on doubleplusgood records (Minneapolis, MN), is a dynamic, riveting, warm, and lyrically compelling introduction. The medium and the urgency is truly the message in this case--analog recording and a vinyl pressing to complement an ensemble that is first, and foremost, a loud rock band.



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dpg 020
S/T Dec 2011