Drop Dead Giants Eric VT (The Willis) and Kyle (Happy) harken back to the good old days of indie rock
I hear Frodus and Mission of Burma. i love this Chicago band.
Untied States noisey, experimental Atlanta band.
Attack Octopus Steve McCabe (The Willis) goes it alone. Drums, keys, guitar, vocals at the same time.
instrumental prog/metal/math, this Minneapolis band is one of my new faves.
The Bronzed Chorus 2 piece instrumentalists from Greensboro, NC. Amazing.
Hammer No More the Fingers this trio out of Durham, NC is a melding of the Pavement, Weezer, and something all their own
Traindodge the boys from Norman, OK always bring the fuck.
Pink Noise
NYC band by way of Isreal sound like a cross between Blonde Redhead/PJ Harvey/Sonic Youth.  
Vanishing Kids
think Shudder to Think meets 80's shoegazer/new wave from Madison.  
Sunday Flood
more good music out of my beloved Wisconsin.
The Seldon Plan
indie pop out of Maryland.
Bear Claw Those thirsting for an aggressive, louder than fuck band look no further.
fromanhole This mostly instrumental three piece out of Omaha draw to mind Don Cab, Shellac, etc.
This is My Condition Craig is a one man show from Lawrence, KS. He plays with a guitar strapped to his drum kit and plays it with sticks, looping it, and then drums and sings over it. Amazing stuff to witness live.


King Mini man behind King Mini comics and the artist behind the Pop for Charity: Sound Progression album.  
The Refinery Group designer of The Willis - "Bathtub, Lightbulb, Heartattack" album.  
Shepard Fairey not bad having him design the cover art for the first release on the label, huh?


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Busy Beaver Buttons quality, custom made buttons on the cheap.  
Screwball Press Steve Walters has been making posters for some of the best bands and labels in the country forever.