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Tender and angry, lovely and dissonant, frenetic and serene, dense and solitary: Andrew Johnson, frontman for groundbreaking bands H. Chinaski and Happy, has created a solo album that oscillates between extremes yet maintains a coherence and vision. Recorded between August and December 2005, mostly on his trusty Fostex 4-track, 'Life After The Lie' reveals yet another dimension to Johnson's vast sonic reality. Think Nick Drake, think Neutral Milk Hotel, think Elliot Smith. Out April 25, 2006

Update 6.30.09
Andrew is in the beginning stages of writing new material and should begin recording in late fall/early spring 2010.




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@ Reptile Palace
Oshkosh, WI
w/ Red Hawks, Ramon Speed
9pm Free ID


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"Life After the Lie"

Out April 25th

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