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The Poles hail from Asheville, NC. They are fronted by Todd Lemiesz (ex-h.Chinaski). Their debut EP for doubleplusgood, As Above, So Below was released in April 2006 to critical praise. The band released it's first full-length Twelve Winds in April 2009. Since it's release, Matt Gentling, who played bass on Twelve Winds has since left the band and they've scaled down to a 3 piece with founding drummer, Jon McDuffie, rejoining the band after a two year absence. The band called it quits in 2010.

Twelve Winds

Dark is Electric

As Above, So Below
Design the Fight


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tHE POLES- Twelve Winds
(release date 4-14-09 )
New full-length with new bassist Matt Gentling (Archers of Loaf, Band of Horses) recorded by Dan Dixon of Dropsonic

tHE POLES-As Above, So Below EP (2006)

tHE POLES- Arrive EP (2005)
4 new songs with the full band intact.

The Poles- S/T EP (2004)
5 songs written and recorded by Todd Lemiesz from July- December 2004.